For all our clients we strive to offer excellent service, from supply to delivery,
on the whole range of Korean, Japanese & Chinese food products

Korea Foods Wholesale

We’re involved in a number of different activities but our main focus is the wholesale of Korean, Japanese and Chinese food. Our success lies in the wide range of items that we import directly from the Far East and the USA.

Key to our success is our expertise and knowledge of Korean food and relationships with hundreds of suppliers and government supported export agencies. We have helped many brands establish themselves in the market and have helped educate clients on the value of Korean food in an increasingly crowded market.

Our development with major supermarket brands such as Tesco, Asda and Morrisons confirms our capability to deliver and our commitment to the success of Korean food in the UK market.

What do we do?

We are continually investing in our supply chain capabilities in New Malden and Birmingham. As our business grows we are continuing to modernise and update our systems to meet future challenges. Now, our own fleet of vehicles travel as far as Scotland and Ireland, as well as to Poland to deliver customers’ needs.

How do we operate?

We are teamed up into sales and support operations. Covering the whole supply chain from purchasing and sourcing to client management, we take care of every detail from our employees to customers; we want the best experience possible for all involved in our network.

What do we sell?

We have available, every kind of Korean food from instant noodles to fresh Kimchi, beverages, frozen and chilled food, we have everything to help promote your business and meet your customers’ demands. We know our food and can help introduce the best performers to the latest domestic hit products.