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Our Retail Locations

Under the retail name of ‘Seoul Plaza’ you can find us in major cities around the UK. Our largest store in New Malden is under the ‘Korea Foods’ brand where we stock the biggest selection of Asian items. Find your nearest store here or contact us for a local stockist.

We are currently building our new ‘Seoul Plaza’ website where we are planning for an e-shopping experience in the near future.

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Seoul Plaza Stores

Seoul Plaza is a place where you can find helpful and knowledgeable service. Whether you are looking to cook a dish or simply have a snack, we have something for you. Stuck for ideas, ask us for inspiration. Did you know there are over 100 types of kimchi and it’s not always made with cabbage? There are hundreds of instant noodles available and over 360 million servings in the UK in 2016. Discover some of the most popular as well as obscure ranges of Korean products available in store. Find out why Korean food is becoming increasingly popular

Korea Foods Supermarket

Our Korea Foods supermarket has the largest range of Korean food, from chilled and frozen to ambient and fresh. We have our own bakery onsite as well as a tofu factory making fresh tofu daily. We have a fresh meat and fish counter, where we provide specific Korean cuts of meat including bulgogi and galbi. We have our own kitchen onsite, making fresh Korean dishes including fried chicken and kimbap. Come and discover the bigger world of Korean food, we invite you to try something different.


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