Couque Dasse White 288g


쿠크다스 화이트초코

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Wheat flour, sugar shortening(modified fat(palm ester oil, palm kernel esterl, hydrogenated oil part),vegetable fat and oil), palm ollein oil, high-oleic sunflower oil, whole egg liquid, vegetable fat and oil1, lactose, mixed milk powder, processed butter, vegetable fat and oil2, deco chocolate, coconut free mix, snack base powder, mixed formulation(sorbitol solution), soybean oil, water, emulsifier(E471), propolis, blended edible oil (palm oil 50%, coconut oil 50%), emulsifier(E471),powdered cheese maseukapo,milk cream, salt, mineral salt(E524),combined congener(vanila,vaniline,coconut)


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