Zonal Postcodes

Zone A England, Wales, Part of Scotland (in Yellow)
Zone B Isle of Wight, Part of Scotland, Highland, Northern Ireland (in Orange)
Zone C  Isle of Man & the areas in red

Delivery in 1~2 working days after dispatch.

For ZONE B & ZONE C may take 3 working days or more for delivery.


Shipping Charges (Updated on 06 April 2021)

Shipping to *Order Amount 1~27kg 27~56kg 56~84kg 84~112kg(Max)
Zone A Below £55 £7.99 £15.98 £23.97 £31.96
£55 or above Free £7.99 £15.98 £23.97
Zone B Below £55 £13.99 £27.98 £41.97 £55.96
£55 or above £6 £19.99 £33.98 £47.97
Zone C Below £55 £25.99 £41.98 £57.97 £73.96
£55 or above £18 £33.99 £49.98 £65.97

No dispatch & delivery on Saturday, Sunday, and bank holidays.

*Fresh/Frozen Material Charge & Shipping Charge are NOT accountable.  And the Order Amount will be counted after any discount applied.


We do not guarantee a delivery date in circumstances outside our couriers’ reasonable control, including (without limitation) any adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of a public or private highway, or any form of industrial action whatsoever.