Chilled and Frozen Products requiring refrigeration need special care in handling and hence require special packing materials.  Any orders containing chilled and frozen products (Kimchi, Tofu, and etc) are packed with cooling materials in polystyrene boxes maintaining the cold chain and quality of our foods.

Packing material charge for the ice pack and polystyrene boxes is detailed in the table below. (with effective 03 Feb 2021)

Chilled & Frozen Products Weight (kg)


0 – 3


3 – 5


5 – 7


7 – 9


9 – 11


11 – 14


14 – 17


17 – 20


Over 20

(Please place another order)


Any orders with chilled products are dispatched Monday-Thursday and will be delivered in next 1-2 days.  Friday-Sunday orders will be dispatched on the following Monday/Tuesday (or next 1-2 working days).

Especially frozen products will defrost during delivery. when delivered, please keep it refrigerated within 24 hours or by manufacturer’s guidelines, whichever is soonest. (Please do not refreeze as this can affect the quality of the product.)

We will not be able to guarantee the quality of chilled/frozen products with any delays in the delivery caused by the absence of the customer on the day of delivery. Upon reasons, any damages of chilled and frozen items cannot be refundable. We will not be able to guarantee the quality of chilled and frozen products or refund with any unforeseen delays of the delivery after the order has been dispatched.

Except specifically mentioned, before confirming the order, customer should understand and accept that the chilled & fresh items expiry date should NOT be less than 14 days from the day of dispatch.